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In a world where the speed of change, opportunity and left-field competitive threats are occurring at an ever-increasing pace, there haven’t been many periods in history where disruption has held such an important role in business success.

The Annual Disruptive Readiness Index aims to benchmark just how businesses are responding – providing a comprehensive insight into the organisational acceptance, preparedness and execution of strategies to address future tectonic shifts.

As an industry leader, we would value your input into this year's report. It will take ten to fifteen minutes of your time and we will share a personal Readiness Score with you, along with the full report, when the results are released in May. Please feel free to share the questionnaire with your teams, for an organisational score.

APTIM-Solutions and CIL created the Disruptive Readiness Index to understand exactly how organisations are planning for the future. The survey explores nine characteristics: